Monday, October 18, 2010

Never Too Old To Learn

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn a few things.
I spent the weekend with some dear friends, watched the Chilean miners get freed, cooked a lot, and lost a couple clients. All of which, combined with some other things, have taught me that:
1. Not everything has to be perfect. A little dust should be a part of every home-like house.
2. The little things are the most important. Kiss your kids every day(even if it makes them cringe), pet the dogs, skip the gourmet meal and nuke a pot pie, go shopping and spend a little money on nothing, laugh at nothing till you cry, grill whatever is in the freezer and add a bagged salad, hug a friend's grandbaby.
3. Dance nekked in the surf!!
4. Cook even if you don't have time, if that's what makes you happy. (If it's not what makes you happy, eat Cap'n Crunch and don't worry about what other people think!)
5. Don't worry all the time about money. Sometimes ya gotta buy something totally unneeded and worry about the bill for the pink sweater later. (But not all the time!)
6. Love your dogs and treat them well, no matter what every one else thinks. Because God Made Them Too.
7. Have fun, and don't take everything so seriously. Because, really, if a 5 month old can be happy just blowing spit bubbles, why can't we?