Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Random-i-Zations, Zombie Edition

In honor of one of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead, I thought I would do a totally-in-fun edition of my random-i-zations posts. Without further nonsense, here it is:

1. Things I don't think I could live without after the Zombie Apocolypse: Sweet Tea with lots of ice, and seasoned salt. Thought about adding Chocolate here, but I don't seem to need it as much as I get older :)

2. My dogs. Nothing is better than curling up on the sofa with my puppers and chillin'. But they are SERIOUSLY stupid. Buddy would try to lick the first zombie he saw, and Hunter would be so gone, so far, so fast, that no one would ever see him again.

3. Crunching through the fallen leaves in the autumn. One of my favorite things to do, but I suppose it would attract zombies, huh?

4. Road trips with the hubs. I mean, life would probably be one long road trip, but that's not the same, is it?

5.According to the show, everyone is already infected. But wouldn't some people be immune? Maybe I'm being a nerd here, but for every disease, there are always some people who are immune.

6. The people on that show are missing some fabulous opportunities. You can bet you'd find my butt driving a candy apple red Corvette down the road at a hundred mph after the zombie apocalypse.

7. AND wearing designer clothes while doing it.

8.Speaking of post-zombie apocalypse fashions, wonder why the shows fashions haven't caught on? Shouldn't everyone be wearing a cape this season?

9. Can I just get a shout-out for the Carol-Daryl "just friends" story line? Thank you producers, for not having this go where every single show ever made before has always gone!

10. Am I the only person who caught the "Terminator" reference in "The Walking Dead"? ("We're not going to make it, are we?")

11. I suppose staying alive during and after the zombie apocalypse is kind of like winning the lottery. I just haven't done that YET.