Friday, April 9, 2010

Look! A New Post!

OK, so it's been awhile since I wrote a post here. But really, I've got some fantastic reasons. Like, my children shook up a Mountain _ew an_ it explo_e_ on the keyboar_. (In case you haven't figure_ it out, the "comes after c in the alphabet" key, no longer works. So, any time you see a _ , assume it's a "comes after c". ) An_, I've been working like a crazy person. I can have 8 full time enrolle_ chil_ren, an_ that's what I've got. Plus a part-timer or two. Plus my girl, with a broken ankle, an_ a house that's almost a 100 years ol_ , in constant nee_ of remo_eling, an_ what you've got is one very busy mama/wife/_aycare provi_er.
So, the blog has gone by the way for awhile. I still love writing, it's one of my first passions. I'll be back when I can. In the meantime, may I suggest a goo_ book?

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