Tuesday, June 15, 2010

House, Chapter 3?

In which I am defeated by three layers of wallpaper,
Or, abandon Hope, all ye who enter here...
So this morning, while dear Hubby was at work, I started ripping lovely 80's hunter green and mauve striped wallpaper off the kitchen walls. It came off easily, like it really wanted to be torn down. Except that underneath it were two more layers of wallpaper. Wallpaper that did. not. want. to. come. down. Ever.
I have hated that wallpaper since the day I took my first glance at it. Which would have been fine, except that it was attached to the house I wanted. Bought the house, made plans to re-do the kitchen. (Hubby, for some reason, would have preferred a newer house, with no electrical- leveling- foundation- plumbing-leaky windows-wallpaper- yards of wood to refinish issues. Go figure. ) So while my fantastic husband was at work,( did I mention how wonderful my Husband is? ) I started in on the kitchen. Only, like, it won. Because under the three layers of wallpaper is a lovely shade of green. We're talking Martha Stewart in the early 90's, neon, aqua green, here.
Not that I plan to leave it that color. It's just that I have to live with it while I scrape the rest of the wallpaper off of those walls. Did I mention that I hate green as a house decorating color? Or that the floors in my kitchen are a lovely shade of hunter green? Um, yeah. I hate green.
So my kitchen is temporarily that lovely shade of green, while I destroy the rest of that wallpaper. Destroy, because it's all coming off in tiny little bits. But I promise, I plan to simply annihilate that wall paper, and remove all vestiges of green from that kitchen. *shaking fist in the air* "I will win!!!"

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