Thursday, April 24, 2008

Share With Me, Please!!!!!!!!!!

Answer the following questions: Who, What , Where, When, Why, and Seven Things I Will Never Grow Tired Of:

Who: Me: Redeemed, Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend, Day Care Provider
What: Whatever God currently is Providing: It's All Good
Where: In My New House, Of Course!
When: Now, and Future, but never past.
Why: To Please my God and my husband.
Seven Things I Will Never Grow Tired Of: God's Mercy, My children's smiles, My husband's love (never get used to that-how did I get it or deserve it? ) , Rocking babies to sleep, the first green of spring, the first red leaf of autumn, the first snowflake of winter. I could go on...


Kev said...

You commented on our blog earlier.
My turn!

Who: Christian, Husband, Father, Geek.
What: too much to do.
Where: With my wife.
When: As soon as possible.
Why: Why not?
Seven Things I Will Never Grow Tired Of: God's Peace, God's blessings, my wife's voice, my wife, Pizza, Cake, dozing off on the couch.

bzsclmom said...

Forgot to add pizza to my list-I could eat it every day. Yummmm, pizzaaa...

Kev said...