Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall Cleanup

The fence is finally installed! After much waiting around, for the grant money to arrive, for the fence people to arrive, for the weather to clear up so the fence people could arrive, the fence is finally, finally done! It looks great, just like I had pictured in my head.
The day after they were done, dh and I moved the steps on the back porch, from the front of the porch to the side of the porch-a necessary project, since with the fence installed, the steps where they were simply sort of dead-ended at the fence. I say we did it, but of course it was mostly dh's doing-I was there to hand him tools and screws, help hold up the heavy things, and call 911 if he were to make a large uh-oh, which of course he did not, being handily skilled in all things remodel-ly.
The weather has taken a definate winter-like turn this past week, and while we worked outside, it began to snow. Not the delicate crystalline flakes you dream of in August when it's 98 degrees in the shade, but hard, angry round chunks of snow, which stuck to Stitch's fur while he sat and sniffed the wind, and enjoyed the cold, grey day we were having. Now that the entire back yard is enclosed with a fence, he can play outside for hours if he chooses to do so. Our lab, Buddy, stayed out for a bit, but would occasionally make it clear to us, that he needed to go in NOW, and warm up.
After the steps were done, I raked leaves while dh mowed over them to make a sort of mulch for the lawn. Then we put away the patio table and chairs, moved bikes and outdoor toys under the porch for the winter, and basically cleaned up.
Today, being a Sunday, we're taking it a little easier: Watching football, making apple crisp and pot roast for dinner, and basically recharging for the week ahead. I can definately use some recharging!

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