Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Estate Sales

This past weekend, with nothing to do and very little money to spend, dh and I decided to hit some garage/estate sales. We live in a very small area, and we normally don't even need a newspaper to find garage sales. But this particular day we couldn't even find one. Eventually we headed to one Estate Sale dh remembered seeing a sign for earlier in the week.
We followed the signs to the sale, parked, and walked up the road to the house, discussing the beautiful area the house was located in. And then as the house came into view our jaws dropped and we just sort of stopped and stared. It was huge. And we were there early.
The house was sort of a german-inspired chalet. A cool look, really.
Well, there were lots of goodies, in all of the rooms. Rooms, by the way, which were many and varied. We sort of got lost, a little.
In the end, we ended up with a few little treasures. DH got some Chicago Bears glasses, and some stuff from the tool room. I found an entire box of vintage linens with our last initial embroidered on them! A half - round mahogony table for our entry way completed the haul.
Lots of fun, and I like to think that the people who owned the house would be happy to know that someone is enjoying their taste, and their stuff is living on in a new home, well loved.

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Neabear said...

Thanks for visiting me today. I also really appreciate your hint for cleaning my cross-stitch. I will have to try that. Hope you have a great week and Happy Mother's Day too.