Friday, May 22, 2009


A few completely random thoughts from my head today:
1. Why are none of the Chicago Blackhawks from Chicago? I mean, seriously-they couldn't find a single solitary Chicagoan willing to raise a stick slightly off of the ground and beat someone almost to unconciousness, merely to occupy their territory?! I've lived near Chicago for awhile now, and I can only assume that they weren't really trying very hard.( Go , Blackhawks!)
2. Why was I the only nerd in the theatre on opening night who cheered for the part body double/part CGI/part Arnold Terminator? It totally brought the whole series full circle for me. Or am I overthinking this? Nerds? Anyone?
3. And speaking of Terminator, I know at least two people who have quite a lot of metal in their bodies, and they neither one seem to be stronger than normal people. Must be the chip.
4. Why is it that the older I get, the more I like the shows on PBS?
5. How come when I discuss what's wrong with the government with my family, Wal-Mart always comes up?
6. As a former homeschooling parent, I know that schooling any child is difficult. So why do I feel the need to call my dd's teachers on an at-least-weekly-basis, and give them an earful?
7. How come the last three points are questions? (Ummm...four?)
8. Why do I feel the need to give all parents of children younger than mine incessant, constant, non-ceasing advice/orders?
9. And speaking of Wal-Mart, why does almost everyone I know shop there and buy crap made in China/Taiwan/Korea/ETC, then complain about the economy in AMERICA?!!! I mean, DUH!!! Take the time to read a label, people!!!!
10. My grandfather, who was born overseas, had become an american, fought for America in a war, gotten married, and obtained a job in an (AMERICAN!) factory by the time he'd been here five years. He never, ever once bought a car that wasn't American, and he would have been shocked if anyone who was an American that he knew had done so. When I was in high school, one of my teachers told me that it takes three generations to forget anything. I am the third generation. I have NOT forgotten.


Kev said...

1: Dunno. Don't watch sports often at all. (But I'd watch Hockey!)
2: Cause you're really a geek. Nerd=someone that will show up opening night to a movie dressed in costume. Geek=someone who will show up opening night at a movie NOT dressed in costume. (I'm a geek, thankyouverymuch).
3: Must be. (what chip? Grippos?)
4: I hope not. The only shows on PBS that I like are Sesame Street (And dang it, all of my kids have outgrown it!)
5: Because making Walmart the baf guy is the way the New World Order distracts us from their real plans for bringing down the US economy and for World Domination.
6: Because you're a control freak?
7: Why is that?
8: Because you're a control freak? (nothing wrong that. I'm one also!)
9: Because we like things made in ETC. I hear ETC is a nice place to visit.
10: Be glad you haven't forgotten.

Also: Nice to see you blogging again! (I probably should do so as well... I've been twittering more than blogging... and Facebooking more than any of the above.)

Leslie said...

Cute list! LOL I laughed at the Wal-Mart does seem to ALWAYS end up in a conversation, doesn't it?

Thanks for the dog advice! It makes a lot of sense and I'll work on getting on board with Jer, but he may have to compromise with me a bit because I think he's being silly on some things. It's really no different than parenting but we forget that because they're dogs!

Have a great day :)