Friday, June 26, 2015

A Biblical Rant

I have recently grown very tired of hearing from certain political party members just how they think I should vote, and the reasons why they think I should do so. Most of their rhetoric stems from their so-called Christianity.
 Now, let me here insert a sort of resume of mine, none of which matters at all really, but some people will need it to continue reading. First of all, I was raised in a Christian home. I have read the Bible cover to cover more times than I can count, and when necessary can quote chapter and verse for reference. All this to say, I know what I'm talking about, get it?
 To the Republicans and Tea Party Activists who think I should vote for them because they think they know what a Christian should believe, I say: " You don't have a clue." Reread the bible, all of it this time, and see if you can figure out where you've gone wrong.
1). Stop bad-mouthing the President and under-mining his authority. The bible says that you should "submit to all authority".
2). Just let homosexuals do what they want, okay? It's not up to you to judge them. That's God's responsibility, not yours. Your job, should you choose to pay attention and do what is actually right, is to "Love your neighbor as yourself" . That's all of your neighbors, not just the one's whom you choose to like.
3). Rich people should pay taxes too. "Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's."
4). Being a Christian doesn't make you special. You don't get to change or ignore laws to suit yourself, or declare that this country is a christian nation; believing it doesn't make it so. And to those who want a christian president who interprets laws and the constitution only in light of the bible, let me ask you this: Will you still believe that when a christian president interprets the bible differently than you do? There are many, many denominations under the flag of Christianity, and even they don't agree on how the bible should be interpreted. What makes you think a Christian president would do things the way YOU think he should? More importantly, what happens when you're outnumbered, and the next president to be elected is a Muslim, or a Budhist, or a Jew, or an Atheist? Will you believe that the Presidency should be a religious office then?
5). Why vote based on your religious view points, when by law, those cannot be taken into account?
Yes, I vote mostly Democrat. I am also a Christian. They are NOT mutually exclusive. Yes, the Democratic party is jam-packed to the rafters with liberals, atheists, LGBT's, hippies, etc. But there are also Christians, small business owners, the older generation, and a couple of wealthy people. Those things don't define us. What defines us is the way we treat others, and the fact that we want what's best for people. The Bible tells us that Jesus hung out with "tax collectors and sinners". Guess what it also says? "For all have sinned..." That means all of those politicians who are telling you to vote for them because they're Chrisitan are also sinners.
Please, people, just do a little research before the next election, before you cast your votes. It's not as hard as you would be led to believe.

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