Friday, June 26, 2015


1. My son is most like me, emotionally. My daughter is most like my husband, emotionally. But everything else in them is sort of , well, mixed up. It makes for an interesting family dinner.
2. The series,"Alaskan Bush People" is actually a pretty interesting show. I sort of snorted at the thought of it when I first heard the name, but having watched it, it ain't half bad.
3. Every Friday night at our house is pizza night. As soon as I mix the yeast with the sugar and water, our dogs go nuts. They love pizza!
4. Stitch, Dog Number One, loved pizza as well. He gets a crust saved for him every week still. :)
5. I am a Christian. I am also a gay rights supporter, pro-choice supporter, and a Democrat. These things are NOT mutually exclusive. (For supporting references, see: Jesus' words in the New Testament.)
6. Inspiration, in my opinion, is 90%  leisure time, 10% opportunity. Hence, the lag between blog posts.
7. Babies are full of inspiration, but completely lacking in leisure time; One day, when I am retired, I will write a book entitled: "WHY would you put that in your mouth?!" This day is not that day.
8. One night when my van was parked out front, someone backed into it, and left a gigantic scuff on the front bumper. My van is 12 years old, long paid off, and my FAVORITE vehicle. It might be ugly, but it's mine. However, I'm pretty sure that the person who hit it is more concerned about it than I am, but I would still have liked the opportunity to say to that person," Hey, no big deal!"
9. I haven't regularly set foot in a church since we moved out here. I find that my beliefs are pretty much not mainstream. This comforts me though, based on the bible verse that says,"many will say lord, lord..." I am definitely NOT mainstream.
10. I haven't won the lottery YET?!

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